The Castle Beware is a free-form, text based roleplaying game that has been in operation since 1998.

The purpose of this page is to go over the basics of the realm so that you can quickly get started!

We're glad you've stopped by and hope to have the chance to interact you in the realm of Beware!










What is this place?

Chances are, you found our site via some sort of RPG website, searching for text based RPGs in Google, or simply by accident! This is a text-based roleplaying site called the Castle Beware. This is primarily a free form writing RPG. The software that our site uses is called Hyperchat, which is a chatroom type software. This software allows the creation of multiple rooms by the citizens of the site and the ability to link these rooms together. This creates an entire realm of unlimited possibilities and stories!

For a tutorial on how the chatroom controls and layout, click here!

If you love writing and love fantasy, this is the place for you. We hope you enjoy your time here and hope to see you out and about!


The Castle Beware is a medieval roleplaying realm. While this may be the time period for the realm, there have been a few instances of time traveling or characters who are able to travel through time and visit other time periods. We have also been visited by spaceships crashing into Beware in the past as well.


In Beware, we only have 1 rule. That is the "No Kill Without Consent" rule, which means that you cannot kill another character unless an agreement was made between the players involved. This is our one official rule of the realm.

There are other things which are simply understood, the main one being, that simply being in Beware is considered consent. This means that if you are out in the realm playing in a public room or area, you are open to whatever may come your way, just like in the real world. Meeting a new character while going for a walk, getting attacked while on a romantic outing with another character, and so on and so forth. You are not required to ask another player if it is alright for you to interrupt play, while they are in a public room or area. Gauge the situation accordingly and read back into the room so you can get a feel for what is going on.


This is easy. You can make whatever character you want. No limits, no rules in regards to this. You can make a new species, be a hybrid of whatever animal/demon/otherwordly creature you like.

Homepages for characters are not required, but if you do have some strange character that no one has heard of before, post a few things about your character or post your homepage on the Character Cork.


Below are some types of fighting styles to help you determine which one suits you best. As there are many types of characters here in Beware, there are many types of fighting strategies. Keep in mind that you don’t always have to win. Being an under dog can add to future interacting scenes, as well as writing experiences. If you feel like having a tutorial fighting scene, MSG The Governor, any of the council members, or look on the mentor list for players who can help you learn how interacting fighting can be done. People are always willing to help!

If your character is challenged in game to a fight, don’t panic! Remember that this is a fantasy game with many different characters having unique and different abilities. Playing with many people in different types of fights, makes you more experienced in the different types of fighting styles.

Here in Beware, there is a place you can go for a true, battle for the death! It is known as the Kill Zone. If you engage in combat here and lose, you agree that your character is gone for good. You are not allowed to bring back any characters that are killed in the Kill Zone, so make sure you are sure you want to permanently kill off the character!

Post for Post Combat

When involved in a real fight, your opponent may leave a descriptive approach to your character before an attack is aimed for your body. You in return have many opportunities on how you would like to respond to this action.

In response, you can ward off the attack defensively by deflection using your own choice of weapon or you can decide to let the attack deal you damage.

When players take turns posting what happening, this is called Post for Post Combat: One Attack to One Defense.

Please keep in mind the amount of damage you cause with your attacks. The attacker cannot dictate the amount and extent of damage done to the defender. Instead, the attacker describes their attack, making note of the speed, force and placement of the blows - yet should refrain from describing the damage done. This allows for the defender to accept hits in a fun, enjoyable manner and keeps the game flowing in two directions. “The No Kill Rule” is especially important when it comes to combat!

Click here for an example of Post for Post Combat!

3-Post Combat

3-Post Combat is a rarely seen form of combat here presently here in Beware. Back when it was first founded, 3-Post Combat was more or less the norm.

3-Post Combat assumes that you are constantly making sure nothing is happening to your character while you are out in the realm. A 3-Post fight is usually initiated by one character starting an attack towards your character, usually in 3 quick posts. These posts are usually much less wordy than Post for Post Combat. The exciting part about 3-Post Combat is that you are very much fighting in real time and you are relying on your speed of typing, posting and reactions to the other player. In these fights, damage is usually called, as long as you get your damaging post in, before the other player has a chance to drop a defense post. The post which was timestamped first is always the one that wins out.

Click here for an example of 3-Post Combat!


If you are new to roleplaying or need help with your character, we have mentors who have volunteered their services to help!

Please visit the Mentor's Page for more information or the Mentor's Cork.

The Governor and the Six

The current Governor of Beware is: Suzanna Sinister

The Six currently include: Mavin Maverick and ~T@nis~Loray

Both the Governor and the Six are here to answer any questions that you may have concerning the realm, play or anything else you need to ask questions about.

The Six are basically the council of the realm. They support the Governor and help maintain the realm in an administrative fashion. Mostly dealing with HTML issues, site maitenance and organiziing social functions within the realm. They are also here to handle disputes between players if they are unable to resolve them on their own.

Detailed information on the role of the Governor can be found here.

That's It!

Yep, that's right. That's all you need to know to get started in Beware!

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