This page is designed to answer some of the questions that are received on a regular basis, if the answer to your question isn't here, or if you have suggestions to add or corrections, please message The Governor or The Six
@bwr or send an e-mail to thegovernor@castlebeware.com or thesix@castlebeware.com.
this page for key words if you are looking for something specific. Go to your edit menu at the top of your browser, and then choose "find" (or "find on this page" etc) and enter a word.


Main Entrance- The Main entrance to Beware is located at http://bwr.hyperchat.com. In the event the server isn't responding, Beware can also Be reached through SOI's main entrance http://www.hyperchat.com and http://soi.hyperchat.com or the SOI mirror site at http://mirror.hyperchat.com. Just put Beware@bwr into the find box once You're in.

Software- No special software is required to chat at Beware, or any of its sister sites. You only need an internet browser.

Role Playing Games- The Beware Homepage explains a bit about the Realm, and offers advice and suggestions on Fair play.

Sister Sites- Beware is a Sister Site of State of Insanity, Our original home. Other Sister sites include State of Enchantment, Mansion, Rainbow Resort, GOR, JAG. Night Sky, Medieval Yore and the Warrior's Adventurer Realm. When moving from one sister site to another, its important to notice the 'tails'. When you chat in any room in Beware your name shows as simply, for example - The Governor but should you venture into SOI it would be The Governor@bwr. This is important when you message someone using the mailrooms. The same holds true for the room IDs, If you are in a SOI room, you need to add the @bwr 'tail' to reach a Beware room. for example #r-beware@bwr is Castle Beware,

Mailroom- Messages and e-mail can be sent and received through the mailroom, and are indicated by a blinking MSG or E-mail near the chat box. Be sure to send the mail to the right person, if You're using the mailroom at Beware, and want to send a message to a Beware Citizen, then only the name has to be typed in, but if its a citizen of another site, you have to add their 'tail'. example...kemmie@bwr and kemmie@my are NOT the same person!
Sound- to be notified with sound when you have new mail, upload the sound file and then click on Mailwatcher and put the addy in.

Navigation- Room IDs are 2-8 alpha numeric words or combinations. these may be typed into the find box in any Beware room to move directly there, or to post the room as a link, use this format: "#r-roomID" or "#r-roomID( text)". If you are placing the link in a room outside of Beware (like in SOI) then you have to add the @bwr 'tail' to make the link work...#r-roomID@bwr

#r-gossip- Keep yourself up to date, or keep an eye on the realm using the seeall...all public rooms in Beware, including both corks, echo into seeall. SeeAll can be reached by clicking the 'Seeall' link above the chat box, or by entering gossip (or gossip@bwr from another sister site) into the find box.

HotList- Beware rooms show up on the SOI Hot list, to access it, just click HOT above the chat box.

Citizenship- You MUST be 18 to enter, or to chat at Beware. The rules are ~here~. If you'd like to become a citizen or to make a payment on your account, go ~here~.

Locking your account- if you share your pc with someone else, you might want to lock your account up when you leave to keep others out. Click local controls in any room, and then click Lock account.

whispers- to turn on your whispers for each nickname, go into controls; nicknames, and then into that particular nickname...set it to 1 and click change.

Nickname colors- are also located in control, nicknames, that particular nickname, and set the html code for a single color, or a string of color. There is a program called HFC that colors fonts.

room setup- for starters, let me say that its a good idea to try and keep the file size down on images you use for backgrounds or icons etc..it slows the room down, and some systems cant handle it.. a basic working knowledge of HTML helps, but isn't necessary... To upload to Beware, go to your control panel, then "FTP files" and follow the directions. Always upload the images you want to use into the room directory for that room to insure the fastest possible load time. Public Rooms need to be set to FREE, unless you want a citizens only room, in which case you'd use PUBLIC. Read only rooms are just that, they can only be read unless you have a password, then you can post too. toplock is used for corks, and allows the threads that you see on #r-elfcork. Beware has many features, a basic knowledge of HTML can add depth to your chat experience.. Teaser@soi has a homepage with a great primer for SOI, many things apply to Beware as well, its located ~here~.

ftp files at beware use this if its in a nickname directory and http://bwr.hyperchat.com/newchat/u/nickname/~bwr/filename.ext if its in a room directory. Post a link to the image using this code: < a href="URL">text< /A> and to post the image itself, use this: < img src="URL">

account problems- if you're having problems with your password, accessing your new account, or an expired account, you should message seph@soi or email her here

The Beware FAQ Page as well as Suggested Guidelines can also be located on the Bewarian Homepage.


I suggest you don't download the beta versions unless you are an advanced user.

Microsoft Windows Support files, service packs and patches along with tweaks and tips can be found ~here~.

Netscape Communicator- is available ~here~ or ~SmartUpdate~ updates previous versions of Nescape automatically. It's Free.

Microsoft Internet Explorer- and other Internet Explorer downloads are available ~here~. It's Free.

ICQ- "I seek you". ICQ is an instant messaging program that allows you to see when your friends are online (if they aren't hiding ~laughs~) and send and receive messages in real time. ICQ can be found ~here~. ICQ is completely free. (please note, all released versions of ICQ are considered beta, and you should have no problem with this beta) The Official Release of ICQ!

WinZip- Unable to open a file? Downloaded files are often zipped and require a program up unzip them, WinZip can be found ~here~. WinZip offers a fully functional evaluation copy that does not expire, but has a reminder screen when it starts up until its registered. It is a 921KB download.

CuteFTP- (file transfer protocol) files on your PC can be copied to a server on the net. Netscape has some limited ftp abilities, i think the best program is CuteFTP, it can be found ~here~. This is a time limited trial version that expires sometime after 30 days. It is a 1MB download.

HFC- HTML Font Colorizer. Automatically creates the code for colors and fonts ,download it ~here~. 261k self extracting download, it's Free

MacHFC- HTML Font Colorizer. (for Mac OS X and above only). download it ~here~ 132k, its free.

ColorThing- Javascript Color tool. check it out ~here~

If You have other questions, please don't hesitate to ask!...

just message The Governor or The Six@bwr