Code of Combat

this is meant only as a guideline, these are not rules. you will find many different styles of combat in these lands of BEWARE.

In the interest of promoting fair and fun play, a type of "two-way street" theory could be implemented. There are shared views on this subject and there are as many styles of play as there are people, this much is a given, and in no way is this an attempt to quiet those styles of play but rather an attempt to allow all to enjoy the creativity of the game.

So here it goes..
The first thing to keep in mind is that you are playing a game, and as is the way with many games, this game pits you against other people. We may be using a rather stoic medium, but we are interacting with flesh and blood. So your opponets are not pre-programed like they are in Quake, Doom and such. Hopefully this isn't shocking news to you. Rather, this is mentioned so that you may realize that when you run into a room, bonk someone on the head, and run back out - you are playing a one way game. By your actions, you allow no opportunity for the other player to play. They either just sit there, reading your posts and then accept the hit, or, like some, they refuse to accept the hit at all. Remember, folks, that processor, connection and typing speeds should have nothing to do with on-line combat. On some occasions, you may gain a suprise factor allowing you to post two attacking moves to one defensive move....but mostly it should be a one to one posting. One Attack to One Defense. This is not written in stone, but a guideline to allow more people to interact in the game, to give newer players a chance to grow and learn and more experienced players to relive the magic and excitement of the game.

The second thing to keep in mind, is in the area of damage you cause with your attacks. The two way street theory uses a check and balancing system such that the attacker cannot dictate the amount and extent of the damage done to the defender. Instead the attacker describes their attack, making note of the speed, force and placement of the blows - yet refraining from describing the damage done. This allows for the defender to accept hits in a fun, enjoyable manner and keeps the game flowing in two directions. This promotes the development of vulnerabilities, which makes every character better, and it lengthens the battles so that they are seldom over in 3 to 5 posts. It also promotes imaginative and descriptive battles, and allows for a stalemate - keeping in line with the only real rule in Beware... no kill.

These are the basics for the codes of combat in this room. A genuine concern for the game is the cause for this code being implemented and of course any suggestions to this are welcome.

1.One Attack to One Defense ( more or less)
2.The Attacker does not determine damage

Allowing for more description and creativity and of course for more to enjoy the action. simple enough? feel free to take these words and add them to your style of play. Also if you wish to further discuss or beat around some ideas on a more descriptive, yet informal, "code of combat" - just MSG any of the following:

Suzanna Sinister, Madigar, Serip'tillious, Lej'ardamaine, Teylynn Darkshadow, Serena, Grace Moure, Malvolio Darkshadow, Jack Van Tyruce, Gareth, kemmie, Sweet Myst or any council member.

(( if You wish this link in Your room, or wish to back this play and want Your name added to the list, please msg "TheSix" ))