Post for Post Combat Example

Full time stamp beginning : Fri May 28 20:05:16

End of play: Sat May 29 00:13:48 ~
Room: The Arena
Characters in play: Terrwyn Sagacious and The Beast

Terrwyn Sagacious said to The Beast:
~She nods at the terms of the battle.~

"To the death, then."

~She is strangely calm. She carries herself with the quiet confidence of one who knows herself to be in the right, and has the skills to win. She had tried to tell Thendash of the possibility, but she wasn't sure that he heard what she was really saying. Her grip tightens on the hilt of the sword, the sword of the first man who ever truly believed in her, and she draws. It is not the usual soft draw that she does. No, this time the sound of steel sings out over the sands, the sword glinting under the light of the full moon and the torches that gleam brightly. You might be able to sense the way that she calls upon the Creator's strength, as her aura increases nearly tenfold in its power. She has spent the last week or so preparing for this in fasting and secluded meditation, so she is strong. Her stance sets. She will not make the first attack. Never does.~

The Beast said to Terrwyn Sagacious:
He watches you for a moment as you stand and pull your sword a tilt of his head as he looks over your form a smile on his lips

"Now see, this is much better than that sorry excuse for a battle in the forest the other day. You actually are making me sweat a little bit."

A nod of compliment to you before he himself readies himself for battleblood red tattoos suddenly flowing wildly over his form so many of them more than anyone you have seen before with them a smile as his own aura flows out thick as it always was but yours was quite strong and it was a nice change

He grows serious then as those eyes focus suddenly on you and the lightheartedness of himself suddenly vanishes completely

"I guess it's up to me to make the first strike...unless...."

A frown before he reaches behind him and pulls an infant from somewhere it squeals out loudly and cries

"...I attack some innocent being first, eh?"

He dangles the little tyke by his leg right over the tip of his scythe and he looks at you

It could be a trick or the baby could actually be real who knows

Fri May 28 20:43:15 ~
Terrwyn Sagacious said to The Beast:
~She holds her ground, her jaw taking on a determined set as her eyes narrow ever so slightly at you. Her sword is shifted into a neutral position where it is easy enough to attack or guard as needs be. She feels your own aura increase as those red tattoos flow over your skin like that. So many... She silently prays, preparing the first of the holy spells that she will undoubtedly need to use in the fight against you.~

"I will not be deceived by illusions, coward, nor provoked. Your fight is with me, and me alone, until it is decided. If you have not the honor to hold to this, then I refuse your terms."

~Her face is stony, composed. Even the flash of anger in her eyes only barely betrays her fury. She has learned well from Thendash... Perhaps too well, in some ways.~