Suggested Guidelines

Please note that these are merely guidelines as to what is considered fair and courteous play. These ARE NOT rules. These guidelines also express My opinion and are not necessarily the opinions of the Council as a whole, or the opinions of other players.
If you have any questions, feel free to MSG The Governor@bwr
or any of the Council members.

In the Interest of Fair Play, and for those New to this Realm... a few Suggestions...
A battle should be imaginative and creative and should *not* be over in a few posts. In order to experience the true thrill of Adventure one must give the other a chance to respond as the scene progresses, and one should also acknowledge posts made by others! (Stomping in, lopping off another's head, and dashing back out all in one OR two posts is not what we seek here, nor is ignoring the fact that ones head has just been lopped off!) An attack should be made in stages, over several posts whenever possible, to allow others to react, and the suspense to build! We have no rule that states one must attack in 3 posts or more, but in the name of honor and in the spirit of true adventure, it's more sporting to break up the movements into several posts. Use common sense as your guide, if it's something that can't be done in a few seconds, then take longer than a few seconds to *do* it... its far more exciting to enteract with with your opponent than to make three fast posts and end the play...but Beware!... Assassins are rarely ones of honor!!

It's vital to the atmosphere and the games themselves to stay "in character" during play but communication behind the scenes is encouraged! Disagreements can often be solved before they happen. There is no right or wrong way to run a storyline. some choose to convey a vague storyline to the player involved, while others prefer for nothing to be revealed. The way play is handled is as individual as the characters themselves. Please use the mailroom or whispers when needed to discuss possible conflicts. Non-citizens should send an email address to the other parties involved. New players might consider posting on the elfcork or the ooccork requesting guidance from an experienced player, perhaps as a mentor of sorts? most players will respect an OOC (Out of Character) request. If they refuse, then use your imagination and *find* a way out. This is Beware... and *anything* is possible!

We have a fully functioning dungeon, as well as a proving ground at the arena... and stocks and a whipping post. There are MANY ways to punish without the death one might cry out for! A public branding? A flogging? Tar and feathers? Cut off a finger? Perhaps even, castration? Ohhhhhh... the list is endless. No kill merely means.."no kill." There are worse fates than death!

Be cautious in those you choose to befriend, as thingsare not always as they seem. Danger lurks where you may least expect it, and you're *only* salvation... your own imagination! Good and Evil are two sides of the same coin, both are needed facets in High Adventure, if there is to be REAL drama and spice here! Heed this Warning... do *not* ignore the Dangers Present!!!... Trust none unknown to You... Use caution in all your affairs.

Ladies may be abducted here... locked away in the tower or carried away by maurading raiders. If her Master/Man/Companion is here to defend her... so be it... if not she should defend herself as best she can... But by writing... fairly!... if she can not secure her release or escape, then His recourse is to seek her... aid in her escape... challenge her abductor... or revenge himself against the "spoiler" of her honor.

These are, of course. just suggestions. We must break free of the old ideas... many bd/sm rooms demand polite interaction. We also seek Honor... but more... much more here! Talk with your lover in private... decide how you will handle an attack, or abduction... let these things happen... and go with the excitement of the scene... it is not a threat to the RT affection that some of us have for our companions... it is a way to experience adventure... and thrills... let your hair down! Have fun and let the games begin!!

Attacks are usually done in 3 or more posts. Use your imagination. Make the attack interesting and unique if you can. Give your opponent time to react when possible. No one likes to get shot with an arrow in 3 posts that span 15 seconds or less with no time to respond. Multi-window attacks and attacks less than 3 posts are usually considered less desirable, although they are permitted and used.

Once again, be creative. Just running in and grabbing another is of course permitted, but the more creative your capture of another, the more people will want to be a part of your story lines. Again 3 or more posts is normally considered courteous. Once you have your victim tucked away, let them be creative. If they come up with a creative and imaginative way to escape the room they are captive in, then seek your revenge at a later time. Capture them again, but be prepared for a fight. *LOL* If you have another held hostage in a locked room, be prepared to "entertain" them. No one likes to sit in a locked room all alone. Plan things out so that the story moves along and there isn't a long lag where your captive has to keep their character out of commission for an extended time, with nothing to do.

Should you find yourself being held hostage, look for obvious loopholes that are within your power to obtain. Have others help rescue you by trying to find the "key" (password) to the room. Talk your way out of the situation if you can. Torment your captors, turn the tables on them. Do something that annoys them bad enough they want to let you go.

The fine people that make this realm what it is are adults, and therefore disputes which cannot be settled between the involved parties are rare, however should there be a dispute with no possible solution in sight, any or all of the Council members may be MSG'd. Most times, the first available Council member will offer to arbitrate the dispute in hopes of a peaceable agreement, but if none can be reached, the grievance can be taken to the Council for a decision. Just ask the council member who responded to your MSG to take the matter to the council if no agreement can be reached. Although there are 12 members of the Council, only 6 are required to settle a dispute. This was done by design, giving a better chance of finding 6 Council members online at any one time, rather than all 12.

This can be a touchy subject. Who is to say what magic is stronger than another? Some in the realm of Beware use Dungeons and Dragons as a guide for magic, while others use other sources. Once again, this needs to be done creatively. Most have a character description posted in the Character Cork, and others have been here long enough that everyone knows their powers and limits. Try to stay within your character's magical abilities. Don't develop new powers without warning in the middle of a story unless they are a part of that story. If you possess magic, be resourceful with it. If you see an attack coming to yourself or to others in a room, don't just cast a spell of protection over the entire room in a single post. Use the magic to make things fun for all involved. Break up the spell casting into several posts so others can react to it, there may be some in the room who want to be captured or hit.