The Council

The Council

consists of six to twelve members, those that will be called upon should any dispute arise. Any disputes should be referred to The Council, a panel of characters who have agreed to act as mediators...will join to decide a fair remedy for any dispute.

The Council Members
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Suzanna Sinister
Mavin Maverick

Beware Council Creed

As a Member of the Council of Beware I pledge to:

Support the Governor of Beware.

Check in regularly to chambers to ensure that I stay up to date on council business.

Set the example of what a player in Beware should be.

Be impartial in helping to settle disputes that arise between citizens when the Council is requested to mediate.

Welcome new players and help familiarize them with the Realm of Beware.

Give assistance to the Governor on projects to make Beware a better gaming realm.

Promote Beware.

Duties & Tasks upheld by all

1. Council chambers are for council members only. Nothing said in council chambers may be repeated in any form, verbatim or paraphrased, without prior permission from whomever made the original remark.

2. Members must check in at least once weekly. (preferably daily when at all possible) If unable, please give advance notice.

3. The realm should know all council members are regularly available and aware of events ocurring in the realm. To that effect, members should post with their elected council name at least twice a week, be it in the realm in-character, or one of the various IC or OOC-related corks.

4. All council members are "asked" not forced to post on the castle cork to welcome new members/characters to the realm. New players and characters should know that the council is not only available for assistance if needed, but also that we are aware of their character's presence in the realm.

5. New council members are subject to a 6 month probationary period, during which new members will be evaluated of their performance and conduct. A discussion will be held if an issue cannot be corrected and resolved through said discussion.

6. Failure to live up to the above-listed standards, if not complied with, will result in revokation of the council seat.