Bewarian Mentors

Welcome to our home away from home, known as The Castle Beware Realm.

On this page, you will find a list of experienced role-players who are willing to donate their time to assist you in learning the art of freeform role-play. They are prepared to aid you privately, if that is your request, or in a group, on the mentor cork, or in a public room.

Beside each name, you will find a list of the specialties of the players. Give the page a glance and see what might interest you. Everyone listed on this page is willing to take time from their own play to facilitate your transition from a "newbie" into a knowledgeable RPGer.

When contacting a mentor, please be sure to leave a way in which you can be reached. If you have a registered handle, we can reach you by mailroom, but if you do not, we will need an alternative way to get a hold of you. If your attempt at contacting a certain player does not receive an immediate response, don't give up, as real time has to come before virtual time in life. They will get your message, and contact you as soon as possible, or you may try to reach another mentor who also specializes in your interest.

Sometimes you might find it better to “lurk on” (that is, to watch) what is going on in a room before joining in. This is widely considered one of the best ways to learn how to play, short of just jumping in. You may find that your mentor will be willing to go out and play to show you how it’s done. If something comes up that causes you to have a question, by all means, ask about it. Answering your questions is why those on the mentor list have volunteered.

We all love the thrill and excitement of Beware and we want you to as well.

Good Luck and Game On!

Aryte' kepesk@soi - Post-for-post combat, knowing your environment, draconic mindset, combat, and flight, use of magical items, wielding intelligent items, drow characters.

Branwyn - Character creation and character development.

Cathan AesSidhe - apothecary, assassin, utilization of poisons, knights, 3-post combat style, martial arts and weapons

Genji - character creation, motivation, and development, light characters, cross-gender playing

Gore - Post-for-post combat (for large creatures), group combat (NPC army control), weapons and armor creation

Iyla - neutral and dark characters, victims, post-for-post combat, human characters, character development

Jack Van Tyruce - Alchemy, wards (room protections)

James Varius - Light and neutral characters, alchemy, storyline construction, and Honesty in Roleplay

Lady Erianna - healing, magic, empathy, combat, motherly characters, dragons

Malvolio Darkshadow - Dark characters, character creation, vampires, cannibalism, torture, detailed and descriptive posting, fight scene etiquette

Marcus de la Croix - specializing in vampires, feline creatures, were critters and cross-gender playing

Mariska Sombra@soi- post-for-post sword fighting, Dark and neutral characters

Mavin Maverick - Pirates, gray-neutral characters, non-Tolkien Elves, character creation

Queen Aria - Light characters, Elves, shamans, cross-gender playing

Raina- Unseelie characters

Serena - Dark and light characters, healing

Serip'tillious - Dragon, Demon, Mage, Angel, Paladin, magical critter specialist

Starstorm@soi - elf, human, gray character specialist

sweetmyst- Dragons, humans, Paganism, StoneHenge, How to add the "dessert" to your posting style, and Any general "get to know Beware" sorts of questions.  

~T@nis~Loray - Neutral, Chaotic Insane characters, dragons, magic combat, chrono (time) magic, Espers

Thayne - Specialist in Dark Character Developement

For those wishing to participate in the mentor program, please contact Genji, or any of TheSix