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"Enter Brave of Heart, and Strong of Arm! Beware the Shadowed Depths...Assassin's Blow...the white hot, Searing Blade swung low!...Enter if you dare! For this is a Zone of Conflict, and Passion...where Warriors fall, and ladies swoon...May your fear be real, and your pleasures.... Extreme!"

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Welcome to the Castle Beware!

Chances are, you found our site via some sort of RPG website, searching for text based RPGs in Google, or simply by accident! This is a text-based roleplaying site called the Castle Beware. This is primarily a free form writing RPG. The software that our site uses is called Hyperchat, which is a chatroom type software. This software allows the creation of multiple rooms by the citizens of the site and the ability to link these rooms together. This creates an entire realm of unlimited possibilities and stories!

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