Do you have questions about our realm?
Below are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.
First of all, I ask that you take the few minutes necessary to read the room homepage. You can learn a LOT from there about how to interact with others and what this realm is really all about. You can find the room home page here, or by clicking on the link just above the top left corner of the chatbox in the room. (The link says ~High Adventure~...Beware)
The main objective of Beware is for all to come, and seek adventure as they wish. As long as there is fun and adventure, our hopes dreams have been fulfilled.
  1. Why are some posts plagued with words that use caps and lowercase letters, (ie....Y/you, O/our, T/they, T/them)
  2. How do I post a simple link to another room?
  3. Sometimes I see people post links to other rooms as words in a sentence. How can I/i do that?
  4. How do I move from one room to another at SOI if there is no link posted?
    (Using the "Find" box.)
  5. How do I post links to other places?
  6. Can I post pictures directly into a room?
  7. How do I change the writing color or size?
  8. How do I do italics?
  9. How do I underline words?
  10. How do I strike through words?
    (ie.. The Castle Beware)
  11. I am a visitor here at BWR, but I want to become a citizen. Where do I find out about citizenship?

  12. How can I find other chatters to talk to if the room I am in is empty?

If you have any other questions, or if you can think of any more questions that I need to add to this list, please go to your mailroom and MSG The Governor . Or, Y/you can send e-mail to thegovernor@castlebeware.com.

  1. Some posts have Caps and lowercase letters because it is a widely accepted show of respect in the Dom/sub relationship. The Dom is always shown respect by being addressed with pronouns that begin with capital letters. The submissive and slave is referred to with lowercase to show his/her submissiveness. When O/one is speaking to groups of P/people that include Doms and subs/slaves, it is considered respectful to use both cases. Since not A/all that travel this realm are D/s, some posts will include these double letters and others won't.
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  3. SOI has provided a shortcut within itself that will allow a person to post a link to another room without having to type an entire HTML string. To link to another room, all one has to do is type the # sign, then the letter r, then a - and the room name. (ie...#r-beware or #r-courtyrd)
    SOI does all the rest for you. What you type will appear in your post as a link. It will look like this.... #r-beware or #r-ccortyrd (These links do NOT work here!)
    Remember....there are other States that are sister sites of BWR. The State of Enchantment (SOE), The Mansion (mansion), GOR (GOR), The Resort (resort) .... etc. If Y/you want to go to a room at one of these sister sites, you MUST add the site to your link. If you were in SOI and wanted to post a link to the pool at The State of Enchantment, you would have to put #r-pool@soe for the link to work properly. Likewise, if you were at the #r-pool@soe and wanted to post a link to beware, you would have to type #r-beware@bwr to make the link work.
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  5. you can make the link to another room in SOI any word you want it to be. First of all, use the shorcut for the room link. (ie..#r-beware) Then, follow the room link with a word in parentheses. Do NOT leave a space between the link and the parentheses. [ie...#r-beware(castle)] This example will look this when posted in SOI: castle
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  7. To move from one room to another in BWR if there is no link posted, all you have to do is type the name or number of the room you want to go to in the "Find" box near the top of the page, then press the "find" button. Remember though, if you want to go to a room at a sister site, you MUST type in the site name too. (ie...#r-hottub@mansion)
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  9. To post links to places outside BWR, you must first know the URL (location) of the link you want to post. It is best to copy and paste this since one period or comma out of of place can cause the link not to work. The command for posting a link is < a href="the URL of the page goes here">The text you want for the link goes here< /a>. Remember to close the command or your entire post will wind up being a link.
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  11. Citizens and Visa holders can post pictures directly into a room, but this is usually discouraged because it REALLY slows down the loading of the page. Again you need to know the URL (location) of the picture you want to post. To post a picture directly, use the command, < img src="The URL of the pics goes here">.
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  13. To change the writing size of color, you have to use an HTML command. It's fairly simple to do. The command to change the writing color to red looks like this: < font color="red"> Put your text here and then close the command with this: < /font>.
    What you will wind up with is this: Put your text here and then close the command with this:
    There are 216 colors that Netscape and Internet Explorer will recognize. There is a good chart of these colors here.
    To change the size of the writing, you must again use an HTML command. There are seven sizes of font that can be used, ranging from 1-7. Please be careful when using large fonts because most rooms consider the larger font as shouting.
    The command to change the size is: < font size="4"> or < font size="7">. Again Y/you have to close this command with the closing "tag" < /font>.
    Y/you can combine these two command and change the size and color at the same time. To do this simply type < font color="blue" size="5" Put some text here, close the command, < /font> and you should get something like this.

    Here are examples of each font size:
    < font size="1">
    < font size="2">
    < font size="3">
    < font size="4">
    < font size="5">
    < font size="6">
    < font size="7">
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  15. Italics are very simple to do. The command to put words in italics is < i> put some text here and close the command with< /i>.
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  17. Underling is as easy as italics. The command to underline is < u>text goes here, then close the command with< /u>.
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  19. Strike throughs are like the rest of the HTML commands. Open the command with < strike>add the text and close the command with< /strike>.
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  21. If you are a visitor at BWR there is a link at the top of every room you go to that is marked |Help|. Click on this link and you will find instructions on how to join BWR. If you can't find this link for some reason, you can go here to learn how to join. Be sure to let seph know who brought you to BWR if you join so that person will get their free month added to their membership.
    If you are on a 2-week Visa, you can go to the link marked |Controls| (NOT |Local Controls|) and find the |How To Join| link there, or use the link above.
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  23. There are a couple ways to find others to talk to in BWR. First of all you can post someting every few minutes in the room you are in and others will probably join you soon. If you don't have the patience to do that, you can look at the |Hot| link to see who is what room. Once you arrive at the Hot List, scroll down and you will see the names of people in each room. To the left is a link to the room they are in. Click on the link in the left column and you will be taken to that room.
    The other way you can find others to chat with is to use the |See All| link. This link will take you to a room where you can see the last few posts in each of the public/free rooms that is in use at the time. The room name in See All will be a link to that room. See All is especially useful if you want to see the topic of conversation in several different rooms without actually entering them all.
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